Now having sent the publication to print, we have time to consider the presentation and how to advertise our publication. Since I personally do not have that much experience with authentic Scandinavian culture, so I left it up to the girls to fill me in on why Scandis usually advertise their products.

They told me that humour is something that sometimes plays big part in their advertising campaigns. So we explored the possibility of that, but in all honesty I believe that it won’t really fit in with the style of the publication so I don’t really know.

I tried to stir our team towards considering the possibility of modern techniques like gif clips that could play as ads in websites like the site of Scandinavian countries’ embassies, who generally tend to support the creative movements. So using Benedicte’s photographs from the shoot for the zine, she made a few gifs.

Not being very satisfied by the result and feeling that it didn’t fully convey the message of the zine, we re-considered, bringing in the possibility of creating a short film that would be an ad. Agreeing on a simple storyboard with a girl making pasta and feeling homesick, and then getting her hands on the magazine and flipping through it she feels better, we appointed one day to finish the shooting and editing of the clip.

We started at noon and finished after 3 hours, using Ingvild as the model. We dressed her in simple clothes - from Scandinavian brands, yet again. I did the filming and editing of the clip, as I am the only one with experience on the subject and would do it faster.

  • 6 March 2013