The Aftermath

The whole project was a beautiful journey for me, starting up being confused and shocked about how demanding the project was, I was happy that we came up with an idea that allowed me not only to explore the fashion industry in more depth, but also get in touch with a new foreign culture. It was a theme that became very personal, as it contained pieces from the story of all our members.

There were issues of course, as for one thing we almost never had the support of Tina. And being that we only aimed for a specific market that is quite small in England still, it took us a while to pin-point the designers and brands we wanted to talk to and then given the fact that some of them did not respond, we didn’t have much time to generate a back-up plan. Still, I’m happy to say that I managed to achieve all the personal contacts that I have made, getting to talk to Charlotte Rey from Ance Paper and Kenny To from COS. I also did the interview with Nina Naustdal in London, as well as the smaller interviews with the restaurant owners and managers, which were also fun in a different way as they gave me a different insight to the culture.

I was happy that the three of us worked so focused and all offered different skills to the team dynamic. It was a very special experience for me to see the girls, and especially Ingvild who isn’t very 2D, engaging so much with the makings of the zine and the writing of the articles which is something they admittedly did not have the chance to do in the past. 

  • 6 March 2013